Who is worthy of worship? Both the Father and Jesus.

For this cause I bow my knees unto the Father,  Ephesians 3:14 ASV

(10) that in the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven and things on earth and things under the earth,  (11) and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord [YHWH], to the glory of God the Father.  Philippians 2:11 ASV

(6) And when he again bringeth in the firstborn into the world he saith, And let all the angels of God worship him. Hebrews 1:6 ASV

saying in a great voice, 'Fear ye God, and give to Him glory, because come did the hour of His judgment, and bow ye before Him who did make the heaven, and the land, and sea, and fountains of waters.'  Revelation 14:7 YLT

(25) Now when it happened that Peter entered, Cornelius met him, and fell at his feet and worshipped him. (26) But Peter raised him up, saying, "Stand up; I myself am also a man." Acts 10:25-26 EMTV

And I fell before his feet to worship him. But he said to me, "See that you do not! I am your fellow servant, and of your brothers who have the testimony of Jesus. Worship God! For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy." Revelation 19:10 EMTV

Nevertheless, Jesus has promoted the worship of His Father in spirit and in truth and in His name. He does not seek His own glory. He came to die to give us back our lost privilege to communicate with the never seen nor heard God the Father.

John 4:21-24 ASV
(21)  Jesus saith unto her, Woman, believe me, the hour cometh, when neither in this mountain, nor in Jerusalem, shall ye worship the Father. (22)  Ye worship that which ye know not: we worship that which we know; for salvation is from the Jews. (23)  But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and truth: for such doth the Father seek to be his worshippers. (24)  God is [a] Spirit: and they that worship him must worship in spirit and truth.

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